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Celebrating digital health innovation

OCTOBER 19-24, 2017

Advancing eHealth in Greece by Land and by Sea

January 17, 2018

Advancing eHealth in Greece and Enterprise Greece create the first Greek national pavilion setting sail for Arab Health, Dubai.  Pioneering enterprises transforming the Greek health industry and consumer market form the Advancing eHealth in Greece initiative, inaugurated in 2017, go on to serve as international corporate ambassadors providing stakeholders interested in venturing in Greece, with a comprehensive roadmap of the public/private national health landscape.

Greece with its human capital is a land of innovation and reform. The crisis spring boarded government and industry on over a decade of advancement in the health IT arena, restructuring healthcare and introducing ICT technologies connecting all public healthcare point of care systems, with almost 100% coverage in Greek hospitals, and the famously successful ePrescription system servicing over 98% of electronic healthcare transactions. As a result, innovative SMEs have emerged with world-class know-how and an expanding international network of partnerships in services delivery.

This era of Greek innovation is a golden opportunity for collaborations in developing Health IT services as part of the public health framework, or as services bridging the gap between patients and healthcare providers. In addition, Greece as the rest the EU, has to tackle ageing, data silos, and semantic terminology challenges. Greece has more than 2500 islands with 13,676 km of coastline and mountainous landscape in 79% of its mainland.  This presents a vast opportunity for creating innovative mhealth, telecare, telehealth, telemonitoring, telemedicine solutions to which add roughly more than 5 million Greek expats in more than 140 countries around the world, a treasure trove for cross-border healthcare services. Greece’s geographical position makes it the gatekeeper of the region (proven by the refugee crisis) already acting as the regional headquarters of many international brands that operate through Greece in South-eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. As such, a Greek partner to help navigate administrative complexity is a way of reducing both financial and administrative risks. ArabHealth 2018 is a perfect platform to meet with and get the professional advice of those working at the forefront to create change.

We welcome you to the Greek national pavilion from 29 January to 01 February 2018, to come say hello and learn more about how to take advantage of the many opportunities to venture into Greece’s eHealth ecosystem.

Advancing eHealth in Greece delegation:

eHealth Forum

The eHealth Forum wants to influence and change behaviour concerning integrating digital health as we all become more vulnerable to the cost of healthcare and technology empowers us to manage our health and deliver better care.

Dravity Health

DravityHealth Corporation was established in 2008 aiming primarily in computer software development for healthcare facilities, collaborating with more than 60 healthcare facilities in Greece (public hospitals, private clinics, rehabilitation centers, hemodialysis units, ODC).

Gnomon S.A.

Gnomon Informatics SA is a provider of state of the art cloud based products and services and has become a significant player in the ehealth interoperability domain throughout Europe, having a leading role in establishing cross border healthcare Scenarios. Gnomon has achieved accurate and prompt standards protocols interoperability by being in the forefront of international standards development as an active member in IHE Europe, HL7 Greece.

Med-is S.A.

Medical Information Systems is an ICT company with expertise in the public/private health field. The company offers web Hospital Information System (HIS) and web Enterprise Resource Management (ERP).

Siba Soft S.A.

SIBA Soft S.A. has been operating in the field of information technology since 1997 offering effective and sustainable solutions for every need, promoting, at the same time, the transferring of technical know-how, skill and technology in general.

Sigmasoft S.A.

Sigmasoft S.A. is an innovative software development company providing cutting-edge software solutions for the healthcare ecosystem that designed and developed the API platform for the Greek National e-prescription System, based on HL7 & EpSOS standards, delivering real-time e-prescription/e-dispensation services to more than 15,000 doctors and 10,000 pharmacies on a daily basis.

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