January 17, 2018

Advancing eHealth in Greece and Enterprise Greece create the first Greek national pavilion setting sail for Arab Health, Dubai.  Pioneering enterprises transforming the Greek health industry and consumer market form the Advancing eHealth in Greece initiative, inaugurated in 2017, go on to serve as international corporate ambassadors providing stakeholders interested in venturing in Greece, with a comprehensive roadmap of the public/private national health landscape.

Greece with its human capital is a land of innovation and reform. The crisis spring boarded government and industry on over a decade of advancement in the health IT arena, restructuring healthcare and introducing ICT technologies connecting all public healthcare point of care systems, with almost 100% coverage in Greek hospitals, and the famously successful ePrescription system servicing over 98% of electronic healthcare transactions. As a result, innovative SMEs have emerged with world-class know-how and an expanding international network of partnerships in services delivery.

This era of Greek innovation is a golden opportunity for collaborations in developing Health IT services as part of the public health framework, or as services bridging the gap between patients and healthcare providers. In addition, Greece as the rest the EU, has to tackle ageing, data silos, and semantic terminology challenges. Greece has more than 2500 islands with 13,676 km of coastline and mountainous landscape in 79% of its mainland.  This presents a vast opportunity for creating innovative mhealth, telecare, telehealth, telemonitoring, telemedicine solutions to which add roughly more than 5 million Greek expats in more than 140 countries around the world, a treasure trove for cross-border healthcare services. Greece’s geographical position makes it the gatekeeper of the region (proven by the refugee crisis) already acting as the regional headquarters of many international brands that operate through Greece in South-eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. As such, a Greek partner to help navigate administrative complexity is a way of reducing both financial and administrative risks. ArabHealth 2018 is a perfect platform to meet with and get the professional advice of those working at the forefront to create change.

We welcome you to the Greek national pavilion from 29 January to 01 February 2018, to come say hello and learn more about how to take advantage of the many opportunities to venture into Greece’s eHealth ecosystem.

Advancing eHealth in Greece delegation:

eHealth Forum

The eHealth Forum wants to influence and change behaviour concerning integrating digital health as we all become more vulnerable to the cost of healthcare and technology empowers us to manage our health and deliver better care.

Dravity Health

DravityHealth Corporation was established in 2008 aiming primarily in computer software development for healthcare facilities, collaborating with more than 60 healthcare facilities in Greece (public hospitals, private clinics, rehabilitation centers, hemodialysis units, ODC).

Gnomon S.A.

Gnomon Informatics SA is a provider of state of the art cloud based products and services and has become a significant player in the ehealth interoperability domain throughout Europe, having a leading role in establishing cross border healthcare Scenarios. Gnomon has achieved accurate and prompt standards protocols interoperability by being in the forefront of international standards development as an active member in IHE Europe, HL7 Greece.

Med-is S.A.

Medical Information Systems is an ICT company with expertise in the public/private health field. The company offers web Hospital Information System (HIS) and web Enterprise Resource Management (ERP).

Siba Soft S.A.

SIBA Soft S.A. has been operating in the field of information technology since 1997 offering effective and sustainable solutions for every need, promoting, at the same time, the transferring of technical know-how, skill and technology in general.

Sigmasoft S.A.

Sigmasoft S.A. is an innovative software development company providing cutting-edge software solutions for the healthcare ecosystem that designed and developed the API platform for the Greek National e-prescription System, based on HL7 & EpSOS standards, delivering real-time e-prescription/e-dispensation services to more than 15,000 doctors and 10,000 pharmacies on a daily basis.

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January 10, 2018

Digital Health Conference and 17th International HL7 Interoperability Conference 2017 spanned 6 days from October 19th to 24th.

eHealth Forum conferences featured:

58 sessions | 6 Workshops | 9 Tutorials | 1 Datathon

139 speakers & moderators
112 at Dhealth Conference and 27 at IHIC 2017

475 Participants
80 participants from 11 countries attended IHIC 2017
395 participants from 16 countries attended Dhealth Conference Audience Overview

From September 30th to October 31st our website had 2,832 users and 16,439 views

Social Media Outreach



January 10, 2018

Advancing eHealth in Greece

Representatives from the Hellenic ICT industry discussed the challenges of implementing digital health solutions and providing services within the Greek Public Health system, and set their goals to seek out opportunities and potential collaborations outside the Greek borders. Constantinos Angelopoulos, Director of Investment Promotion, Enterprise Greece presented the possibilities for enhancing the presence of Greek delegations and initiatives abroad and made a commitment to the industry representatives to provide support toward their future endeavours. Pantelis Lamprou, Director of Strategic Communication and Markets Analysis, Athens Exchange Group presented the services and opportunities offered by the Athens Stock Exchange to investors in general, and more specifically, tools & solutions for financing ehealth projects & companies in Greece.

At the panel discussion also participated: Vicki Kolovou & Lila Stavropoulou as moderators, and Kostis Kaggelides, Lina Nikolopoulou, Andreas Persidis, Alexandros Potamianos, Philip Sotiriades, Eleni Theodoridou, and Dimitrios Tsakiridis.

Cross-border Healthcare: One step closer

Speakers George PangalosChristos Schizas, and Patricia Van Dyke examined the principles of the EU Directive on Cross Border Health Care and the challenges and goals within member states in terms of unified legislation and state and private structures and systems to facilitate access to safe and good quality treatment to all EU citizens.

Towards a Digital Hospital

For the first time, in Greece, HIMSS, the US based Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, hosted a session on the digitization of hospitals.
Steve Lieber, President and CEO, Emeritus of HIMSS moderated the session and discussed the role of HIMSS in the digital transformation of healthcare in the US as well as ways forward in closing the gaps in Europe while assisting countries where the transformation process at a fairly early stage. Gurhan Zincircioglu presented the Izmir Tire Public Hospital and how it achieved the EMRAM Stage 7 accreditation. Vladimir Ljubicic, Clinical Lead SAP Health, presented the company Health Data Platform and analysis tool. Health Public hospitals & private clinics managers joined the speakers in the panel discussion.

General Data Protection Regulation: Challenges and Opportunities

The session highlighted key points of the new EU data protection regulation GDPR coming into effect May 2018. Speakers presented the challenges and preparation involved in getting ready to comply with the new requirements and what these changes will mean for the health sector in particular.
Hellenic Data Protection Authority was represented by Dimitris Zografopoulos, Privacy and Data Protection Expert, Lawyer (PhD) – Legal Auditor and discussed with speakers Anthe Papageorgiou, Compliance Officer & Data Protection Officer, “Henry Dunant Hospital Center”, Xenofon Liapakis, General Manager, CIO & Services of Interamerican Group, and Ioannis Giannakakis, Legal Data Protection Expert, CFE, CIPP/E, CIPM, DPO Certified.

Digital Innovation in Health & Business: key to success

Speakers discussed ways to move forward to accelerate the development of the eHealth market in Europe for the benefit of end-users and the economy, and whether member states are ready to face the challenges of the future of eHealth in Europe: Marco d’AngelantonioPanos StafylasJuerg P. Bleuer, Lorena MacnaughtanCharles Jaffe,  and Antonis Karokis.

Big Data Analytics in Health

Speakers highlighted the imperative, challenges and opportunities in effectively harnessing big data for everything from precision medicine and personalised care to the creation of smart cities, hospitals and devices: John RaynerAndy WilkinsGeorge Paliouras, Alexandros Potamianos, Andreas Persidis, and Alexandros Bregiannis.


Advancing eH in Gr
Cross-Border Healthcare
Digital Innovation in Health
Big Data Analytics
ESPY Session



January 10, 2018

This year, for the first time, eHealth Forum and the Hellenic Healthy Cities Network (EDDYPPY) joined forces in an initiative to bring together municipalities, academics, universities, ICT professionals and representatives from Hellenic ICT companies in “Healthy Smart Cities” open sessions to examine real digital health services and solutions to service citizen’s needs. Although these groups collaborate to some extent, it was highlighted that this needs to continue and be supported to further develop the value of Greek products for the benefit of the local people and the local economy.
The lively discussion was moderated by George Patoulis EDDYPPY president, and president of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece. On behalf of local leadership on the panel were Mayor of Samos Michalis Angelopoulos, Vice Mayor of Palaio Faliro Yiannis Fostiropoulos, from the research and academic community professors Panagiotis Bamidis (AUTH) and Dimitris Koutsouris (NTUA), and the industry was represented by George Kakoulidis President of the Hellenic Health Informatics Association (HHIA) and Kostis Kaggelides, President of the Board, Association of IT Companies of Northern Greece.
The first part of the session presented best practices from Greek and European municipalities, funded by EU projects. Javier Quiles del Rio, from the Regional Ministry of Health of Galicia presented the successfully implemented 2014-2020 EU «Codigo 100», while Adrià Garcia Font, from Catalonia’s Health Department presented the market landscape for digital health and social care applications in one of the most advanced regions of Europe in terms of digital services provided to citizens.



January 10, 2018

eHealth Forum 2017 was held at Technopolis City of Athens last October featuring the Dhealth Conference, the Exhibition and the Startup Garden as integral parts of our greater initiative to help promote digital health integration for equal access and a sustainable future for all.

DHealth Opening

The Digital Health Conference opened with representatives of our partner organisations welcoming delegates to eHealth Forum 2017: Dimitrios Katehakis, Head of Center for eHealth Applications and Services, Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas, Institute of Computer Science and general secretary of HL7 Hellas, Theodoros Vontetsianos, Director of Pulmonology, Scientific Manager of the Special Unit of Telemedicine at the “Sotiria” National Hospital, Head of the Greek EIP on AHA Network Coordination Group, George Kakoulidis, President of the Hellenic Health Informatics Association (HHIA), CEO of Apollo SA and founding member of HL7 Hellas, and Kostis Kaggelides, Founder & COO, Gnomon Informatics S.A.; President of the Board, Association of IT Companies of Northern Greece.

Vivi Tsavalia, Council at Attica Region and advisor for issues of special needs individuals, officially opened the Forum on behalf of the Governor of Attica Region, Rena Dourou, conveying the continued support of the regional government towards innovation and research in digital health.

The eHealth Forum is under the auspices of the City of Athens for the second year in a row, and Maria Stratigaki, Vice Mayor for Social Solidarity Welfare & Equality, Municipality of Athens represented the City of Athens and presented a message on behalf of Mayor Kaminis. Ms. Stratigaki highlighted the city’s new digital health applications for Athens citizens that help alleviate growing needs of vulnerable groups of the population due to the economic and migration crisis.

Christina Papanikolaou, Member of the Board of Directors, Institute of Scientific Research of the Panhellenic Medical Association represented the sector of digital health and cross boarder care for the institute.

Major organisations committed to innovation and growth support eHealth Forum and were represented at the opening: Athens Chamber of Commerce (EBEA), by Professor Haris Lambropoulos, Member of the Board of Directors – THEA, Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industries Incubator who in his opening remarks reestablished the Chambers’ commitment to the ongoing constructive collaboration of eHealth Forum and EBEA. The Hellenic Federation of Enterprises was represented by Chairman Theodoros Fessas, who stated that health transformation is part of the digital transformation of society as a whole, and ehealth is a large part of it.

The opening session concluded with the keynote speech «Towards a data-driven, digital transformation of health and care: Opportunities and Challenges», on the European Commission perspective and plans, delivered by Babis Tsitlakidis, Policy Officer, European Commission, Unit for eHealth, Wellbeing & Ageing, DG CONNECT.

Exhibition and Startup Garden

On October 20th, the commercial Exhibition and Startup Garden of innovation opened to the general public free of admission. 28 exhibitors, 14 startups and hundreds of visitors of all ages came together for the first and only exhibition of its kind open to the public until October 22nd complementing the deliberations of the Forum.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis visits eHealth Forum

Main opposition New Democracy (ND) party leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who places emphasis on entrepreneurial actions, was given a tour of the exhibition and was briefed on startups operating in the health sector. Mitsotakis also attended a closed working group with key opinion leaders and EU representatives where he participated in discussions focused on the major concerns of industry leaders and medical professionals and the opportunities in transforming the national health system.

Opening - Panel
Technopolis -banners
K. Mitsotakis visit
Meeting with K Mitsotakis
IHIC 2017


September 5, 2017

The 4th Athens Digital Health Meetup will take place on Wednesday, September 20, 2017, at the Athens General Hospital “GNA Gennimatas” Amfitheatre.

How ready are Greek Hospitals when it comes to eHealth? The GNA-GENNIMATAS Hospital administration and its doctors have taken on the challenge to open their doors to the eHealth Forum community and discuss their plans with us.

General Manager of GNA Gennimatas, Mr. Vassilis Kekeris will open the session. John Sarivougioukas, Computer Engineer will speak about the Digitalized Public Hospital; Dr. George Bellos, MD, Managing Director at Health Centre Koropi, Attica will analyze the “new medical wholism pattern”, and Anastasia Krithara, Post-doctoral researcher, NCSR “Demokritos” will present “Big data for precision medicine”. Finally, a representative of the DPO Academy will discuss how the GDPR law will impact hospitals.

Visit the Athens Digital Health Meetup page to stay up-to date on the programme.


June 6, 2017

eHealth Forum published this Catalogue and review guide on the Greek eHealth ecosystem to accompany the Greek Delegation at eHealth Week in Malta. Find out more about delegation members’ profiles in the second part of the Catalogue; also read articles & data on the Greek health policy, strategy and digital health ecosystem presented in clear-cut infographics.

View the Catalogue, now available online and download a copy


June 1, 2017

The 1st Turkish-Greek Meetup organized by the eHealth Forum will be held in Izmir, Turkey in June 2nd, 2017. This is Izmir eHealth Meetup inaugural meeting, aiming to connect with the Turkish community of stakeholders and advocates of digital health, who will learn, debate, network and advance the adoption of eHealth in their everyday lives.

Greek companies will travel to Izmir to meet and interact with the local eHealth community.

Companies, startups, hospital managers, clinicians, universities, state officials, patients, caretakers, medical students and everyone else eager to learn more on how digital health is changing our lives and health are invited to join the Meetup at Izmir Chamber of Commerce-Izmir Ticaret Odasi.

See the Programme and participants…


May 17, 2017

The companies members of the GR Delegation –coordinated by the eHealth Forum– were hosted at the National Pavilion at eHealth Week 2017, held back-to-back matchmaking meetings and concluded a few promising business deals.

The Greek team delegates briefly presented their companies at the session “Advancing eHealth in Greece”, in a packed room to an enthusiastic audience. The session aimed to introduce the Greek ehealth ecosystem. Keynote speaker Tassos Tagaris, Managing Director of Greece’s IDIKA (eGovernment Center for Social Security Services) presented the national e-prescription system, a Greek success story.

eHealth Forum thanks the Greek delegation for a great team experience:

“The Greek team –both public and private companies- joined the eHealth Week in Malta to showcase the progress that Greece has made in the digital health domain in recent years. It has been an excellent opportunity to get informed on all recent developments on digital health and get connected with other companies, researchers, patient advocates, innovators from Europe but also US and Canada.”, Lina Nikolopoulou, eHealth Forum Managing Director



May 10, 2017

Key stakeholders will join the Greek Pavillion during the most influential healthcare IT event in Europe, the eHealth Week in Malta 10-12 May, 2017.

eHealth Week will bring together the highest level speakers from across the globe and leading healthcare IT professionals from all 27 EU member states. The focus of this years’ conference will be on “Data for Health” and the key to personalised sustainable care and will include educational sessions covering the hottest topics in the industry: from interoperability and data exchange to blockchain in healthcare and the increasing role of social media.

Greece’s participation, according to HIMSS, is one of the most highly anticipated activities within the three day conference.

Greece’s delegation and country pavilion hosts carefully selected health transformers, entrepreneurs and stakeholders taking initiatives nationally and internationally leading the way to digital health integration and real impact in the healthcare system. Delegates from Greece will present the challenges they face and how they have found ways to overcome them to successfully integrate ICT solutions nationally in this newly evolving ehealth state system. They in turn want to learn from best-practices, create new business opportunities and partnerships with EU companies and organisations.

Find out more about the Greek delegation…

Speaking Session Advancing eHealth In Greece

On Thursday 11 May, the Managing Director of Greece’s ePrescription service IDIKA will explain the intricacies of successfully fielding over 5.5M prescriptions and 2.9M patients monthly, while ICT experts will talk about PHRs, APIs, telehealth & monetisation. Despite Greece’s continuing economic crisis, we discuss potential financial and business growth, challenges and opportunities, given its unique morphology and position in the region between Europe and the Middle East.