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OCTOBER 19-24, 2017

Greek delegation: the talk of the town at eHealth Week in Malta!

May 17, 2017

The companies members of the GR Delegation –coordinated by the eHealth Forum– were hosted at the National Pavilion at eHealth Week 2017, held back-to-back matchmaking meetings and concluded a few promising business deals.

The Greek team delegates briefly presented their companies at the session “Advancing eHealth in Greece”, in a packed room to an enthusiastic audience. The session aimed to introduce the Greek ehealth ecosystem. Keynote speaker Tassos Tagaris, Managing Director of Greece’s IDIKA (eGovernment Center for Social Security Services) presented the national e-prescription system, a Greek success story.

eHealth Forum thanks the Greek delegation for a great team experience:

“The Greek team –both public and private companies- joined the eHealth Week in Malta to showcase the progress that Greece has made in the digital health domain in recent years. It has been an excellent opportunity to get informed on all recent developments on digital health and get connected with other companies, researchers, patient advocates, innovators from Europe but also US and Canada.”, Lina Nikolopoulou, eHealth Forum Managing Director