Technopolis City of Athens

6 days / 58 sessions
Celebrating digital health innovation

OCTOBER 19-24, 2017

Municipalities, academia, ICT professionals come together in an open session

January 10, 2018

This year, for the first time, eHealth Forum and the Hellenic Healthy Cities Network (EDDYPPY) joined forces in an initiative to bring together municipalities, academics, universities, ICT professionals and representatives from Hellenic ICT companies in “Healthy Smart Cities” open sessions to examine real digital health services and solutions to service citizen’s needs. Although these groups collaborate to some extent, it was highlighted that this needs to continue and be supported to further develop the value of Greek products for the benefit of the local people and the local economy.
The lively discussion was moderated by George Patoulis EDDYPPY president, and president of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece. On behalf of local leadership on the panel were Mayor of Samos Michalis Angelopoulos, Vice Mayor of Palaio Faliro Yiannis Fostiropoulos, from the research and academic community professors Panagiotis Bamidis (AUTH) and Dimitris Koutsouris (NTUA), and the industry was represented by George Kakoulidis President of the Hellenic Health Informatics Association (HHIA) and Kostis Kaggelides, President of the Board, Association of IT Companies of Northern Greece.
The first part of the session presented best practices from Greek and European municipalities, funded by EU projects. Javier Quiles del Rio, from the Regional Ministry of Health of Galicia presented the successfully implemented 2014-2020 EU «Codigo 100», while Adrià Garcia Font, from Catalonia’s Health Department presented the market landscape for digital health and social care applications in one of the most advanced regions of Europe in terms of digital services provided to citizens.