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OCTOBER 19-24, 2017

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Alessia Montanari

Coordinator of Italian Programs Department, Committee for Medical Cooperation


Alessia Montanari is Italian. She holds a University Degree in Science of Communication and two Masters of Science, in International Relations and Global Health, respectively. She developed sound experience in the coordination and implementation of international cooperation initiatives in the health sector, working for donor agencies (i.e. Italian Government), international organizations (i.e. IOM – International Organization for Migration) and Non-Governmental Organizations (CCM – Committee for Medical Cooperation). Overall, she spent 8 years in the Balkans and in Sub Saharan Africa.
Since 2013 she has been working at CCM HQ (Italy), and now is the coordinator of the Italian Programs Department. CCM initiatives in Italy are mainly aimed at countering health inequities, promoting access and utilization of public health services by vulnerable groups, fostering health at community level and boosting human resources’ capacities in the provision of patient-centered care. CCM always collaborates with concerned authorities. Main areas of competence include: project development/management in the health sector, health aid, health & conflicts, global health politics and economics, theory and practice of health promotion, environmental health, health system management, new media and health promotion.