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OCTOBER 19-24, 2017

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Christos F Kampolis

Consultant Physician in Pulmonary Medicine, “Laiko” Athens General Hospital; Research Collaborator of the eHealth Unit, “Sotiria” Athens General Hospital of Chest Diseases,


Dr Christos F Kampolis, MD, PhD is a Consultant Physician in Pulmonary Medicine at “Laiko” General Hospital (Athens) and a Research Collaborator of the eHealth Unit at “Sotiria” General Hospital of Chest Diseases (Athens). He has graduated the Medical School of Athens in 2002 and received his PhD from the same University in 2014. He has been specialized in Pulmonary Medicine at “Sotiria” General Hospital of Athens (2007-2012). He participates in some National and European R&D projects involving best practices for chronic disease and multimorbidity management. His clinical research published in International and Greek medical journals focuses on the management of COPD patients with cardiovascular comorbidities and the cardiopulmonary manifestations of patients with collagen vascular diseases.