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OCTOBER 19-24, 2017

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Dimitris Zografopoulos

Privacy and Data Protection Expert, Lawyer (PhD) - Legal Auditor at Hellenic Data Protection Authority


He has been working as a Lawyer – Legal Auditor at the Hellenic DPA. He has a solid experience of handling cases (spec. of Labour Law, Social Security Law, Insurance Law, Health / Medical Laws, Media Law, Taxation Law, Banking and Financial Laws) and auditing, by operating controls in archives and systems of personal data files.

He holds a PhD in Comparative Labour Law (University of Strasbourg III – Robert Schuman).

Academic Teaching: Labour Law, University of Strasbourg, as a PhD candidate entrusted with academic teaching; Labour Law, Social Security Law, International Labour Law and Industrial Relations, Democritus University of Thrace, Adjunct Lecturer; Labour Law, Panteion University of Athens, Scientific Collaborator; Data Protection Law and E-Law, University of Athens, Law School, Scientific Collaborator; Data Protection Law, E-Law, European, Constitutional and Administrative Laws at the Hellenic National Centre of Public Administration – Institute of Training (EKDDA – INEP), Lecturer.

Main fields of Academic Research and Writing: (Comparative) Labour and Social Security Laws; Data Protection Law (spec. GDPR, processing of labour and social security data, taxation and financial data, health data/ medical records, ehealth, SOX, whistleblowing, profiling, processing of data by media).

He has participated –as a representative of the Hellenic DPA or as an independent speaker– in many conferences of Labour Law and Data Protection Law in Greece and abroad. He has been nominated by the Hellenic DPA as its representative at the AFAPDP and by the Hellenic Ministry of Justice as one of the national representatives at the DAPIX WG of the Council of EU and he has participated in the negotiations of the Draft European Law on Data Protection.