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6 days / 58 sessions
Celebrating digital health innovation

OCTOBER 19-24, 2017

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Lina Nikolopoulou

Managing Director, eHealth Forum


Lina, a biologist with extensive experience in: marketing, strategic planning and project management, corporate and product communication, sales and crisis management, primarily in the fields of health, studied Biology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and was awarded a PhD in Physiology from the University of Oxford. She started her career as a researcher but opted to continue in business, both in multinational and domestic settings, holding high-ranking posts as an executive in marketing, sales, business development public relations, and communication. She has vast experience in the development of health public awareness campaigns, publications, as well as in the provision of consultancy services, project management, events and conferences organization. With particular interest and focus on health for over 30 years, she now leads the eHealth Forum initiative.

ICT technologies have a great impact on our society and economy. Digital transformation of health will impact health outcomes and costs and it will change the way we operate to date. eHealth innovation will accelerate the needed reform and growth. New partnering schemes that will rapidly advance the eHealth agenda will emerge. eHealth Forum is a facilitator for all stakeholders to connect; it acts as an incubator for innovative ideas to mature and thrive for better quality of life for the citizen.