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OCTOBER 19-24, 2017

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Lorena Macnaughtan Event Director, Advisor at Omixy, PhD candidate focused on Digital Healthcare,


A Romanian who is currently based in the UK, Lorena Macnaughtan remains a world traveller for academic reasons, business and… curiosity. Over the years, she built a strong international network in innovation, and decided she would bring her experience and network back home, to Central and Eastern Europe. She is committed to opening up spaces for ideas, people and technology. Her work is guided by the understanding that innovation will reach its potential in CEE only by nurturing a culture of collaboration and co-creation.

Lorena Macnaughtan, MA, MBA and PhD candidate is a digital economist, digital health advocate and connector with professional and academic interest in multi-disciplinarity, innovation and leadership.

She heads up, the healthcare stream at the Interactive Central and Eastern European Festival (iCEE.fest). is an international, all healthcare stakeholders included event, designed to create a cultural mind shift, via innovation and collaboration. To that end, she is also on the Board of a daring and exciting innovation space – The Health Factory, opening soon in Bucharest to all CEE rebels.

Lorena is engaging with and presenting at various international events – 3x speaker at Stanford Medicine X (Stanford, US), Doctors 2.0 and You (Paris, France), Giant Health Event (London, UK), amongst others. Her views were presented on various platforms, such as: Digital Catapult Centre, Innovate Medtec, Mayo Clinic Centre for Innovation, or Medtech Engine.

She is also advising and mentoring health start-ups, and most recently she is one of the Romanian national juries for the Central European Startup Awards.