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OCTOBER 19-24, 2017

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Marco d’Angelantonio

President and CEO of HIM SA, CEO of HIS GmbH and HIM S.L.


After 21 years with the Italian Group Olivetti, for which he worked in Belgium, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, Marco founded in 1997 HIM, a Brussels-based SME specialised in the field of Technology Enabled Care.
Since then, HIM has expanded in other EU countries through the creation of daughter companies in Germany and Spain.
He has master minded and managed several European projects in the areas of Technology Enabled Care funded under different EU Programmes. Through these projects, he has gained a remarkable knowledge and understanding of the different care systems in the European Union and to establish a strong network of relations with care providers, national and regional health and social authorities in various countries, and IT companies active in this market.
He has been often invited as a guest speaker to major conferences and seminars. He has proven ability to lead multi-language and multi-cultural teams because of his deep understanding of cultural differences in Europe, and his language skills (he his fluent in Italian, English, French and Spanish).