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6 days / 58 sessions
Celebrating digital health innovation

OCTOBER 19-24, 2017

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Vicki Kolovou

Director/Producer, Tech Talks Central


Vicki is a connector and firm believer in serendipity. She works with companies on their brand identity & digital marketing strategy, which may include website setup, social media presence, UI/UX design, up to promoting their business into new markets & attracting leads. She’s worked with companies in tourism, eHealth, food processing, fashion, furniture & wood processing and with several technology startups. She believes she’s learnt more from her failures than she’s learnt from any success.


She is also co-founder & Producer at Tech Talks Central, a web radio platform that interviews technologists, scientists and researchers, broadcasting live from within tech events. She has been active with startups, some of which she founded herself -like ermoumag – a fashion magazine, – street guide, – a mobile retail platform, Taggzy and iHeartShops, marketing IT tools for retail- and is a strong supporter of the startup ecosystem in Greece.