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OCTOBER 19-24, 2017

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Xenofon Liapakis

General Manager, CIO & Services of Interamerican Group, Chairman of Hellenic CIO Forum,


Mr. Liapakis graduated from University of Patras with a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics. He is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Computer Engineering & Informatics, University of Patras and his main areas of interests include Business Intelligence, Big data, Project management, Lean methodologies and Business operational excellence etc.

For 18 years worked as IT Manager of the Phoenix Metrolife Commercial insurance company.

Since April 2008, Mr. Liapakis is the CIO of the Interamerican Group, which is the largest private insurance company in Greece and is part of the Dutch Achmea Group – one of the largest insurance groups in Europe. The following departments are under his responsibility: IT, Client Services, Project Management Office, Policy Administration.

Mr. Liapakis is a member of the Executive Board of Interamerican, member of the Achmea’s IT Policy Board of all subsidiaries in Europe and member of the IT Committee of the Association of Insurance Companies of Greece. At the same time, he is serving as the Chairman of the Hellenic CIO forum and he is board member of EUROCIO Association.