Technopolis City of Athens

6 days / 48 sessions
Celebrating digital health innovation

OCTOBER 19-24, 2017

About the eHealth Forum

Promoting digital health integration for equal access and a sustainable future

The eHealth Forum expands beyond its annual event to accommodate a larger ecosystem with growing needs and flourishing activities, including monthly meetups, event missions, business delegations abroad, face to face business meetings, young people education, hackathons, supporting startups, tracking and engaging with healthy smart cities. The eHealth Forum is on a mission to involve all stakeholders but also the public, and build a community that will learn and engage with digital technology inclusion in health and medicine, so that one day in the future we will be ready to talk about our Health and understand technology as an integral part of it!

So, this October, from the 19th to the 24th, we will be promoting ehealth through an international event in the centre of Athens, at the hip Technopolis City of Athens venue, including several key verticals and stakeholders in this annual celebration of digital health innovation and developments. The 6 main puzzle pieces of the larger eHealth Forum event are interconnected and interdependent and most sections are open to the general public for free.