Technopolis City of Athens

Where dreams are first born

OCTOBER 19-24, 2017

Digital Health Literacy – Education (20-22/10)

Digital Health Literacy is crucial if we need to create a society that will use technology to its benefit, either involving our health or our environment. We want to engage our young people, those that can change how we see technology in our lives. They can inspire society, their parents, their relatives and friends to embrace technology; they can imagine a better world where technology will be part of our wellbeing regardless if that includes medical innovation or living in a smart city that takes care of its citizens.

We’re starting where dreams are first born. With our young people. With Education.


The best digital health and wellness educational projects are presented to the public in the Machine-Works Building. Students and their professors show us how inspiration, innovation and creation can flourish at any age.

We have invited private & public schools, medical informatics departments and industrious teachers to showcase their students’ projects in order to inspire visitors, parents and children to follow their lead.


We’re organising a hackathon open to all, including developers, idea-people, youngsters who want to take a shot at creating ideas that can improve our health and wellbeing. Participants have the chance to select medical, smart city, or IoT challenges that affect our health and well-being. We have invited a select number of Municipality officials from around Greece to send in their challenges. Participants choose one challenge they want to tackle and provide a working solution for. Hardware boards, sensors & server space will be provided for the teams to create their ideas.


IC-Health is a project to develop a series of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) to help improve the digital health literacy of European citizens. MOOCS will be developed in eight languages (English, French, Italian, Danish, German, Swedish, Dutch and Spanish). Countries involved in the pilot are Spain, Italy, Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Denmark. They will be joining us with a workshop and booth!

Co-creation IC Health Workshop
On Friday, October 20th, at 16.30 hrs the “Co-creation IC Health Workshop” is offered to the eHealth Forum public, at the Technopolis venue, Machine-Works Building (within the Work Area). Alessia Montanari and Yowali Kabamba, European Health Management Association (EHMA), will be moderating.

What makes a healthy city?

Dasy Papathanasopoulou, Chair of the Advisory Committee, WHO Europe for the National Networks will present the 17 principles for a healthy city. Teachers and students will have the chance to learn and set their goals for a better understanding of what being healthy involves.


The best projects will be rewarded by the jury, taking into consideration the initial challenge requirements, the innovation of the concept and the feasibility as a project. The jury will be made up by Municipality officials and technologists.

Looking for inspiration?

Students, teachers and visitors can find inspiration next door in our Startup Garden. eHealth Startups showcase their innovation and business potentials to the public!