Technopolis City of Athens

6 days / 48 sessions
Celebrating digital health innovation

OCTOBER 19-24, 2017


The Exhibition (20-22/10)

The future of Health in your hands today

The eHealth Forum Exhibition and Startup Garden in Athens opens its doors to the general public from 20 to 22 October, framing the deliberations of the eHealth Forum Conference. The Exhibition is the 1st and only health tech development and innovation initiative open to all and is set up in a creative space specifically designed for the needs of this unique audience.

Connect with our community of researchers, professors, international tech companies; meet developers and entrepreneurs creating innovative business models and solutions. Get hands-on experience and share ideas to be a part of the movement that will launch new applications to benefit you. Our supporting partners will be there to answer your questions and hear your ideas!

Why you should be a sponsor or exhibitor at eHealth Forum 2017 events

  • Gain comprehensive information and knowledge on the ehealth ecosystem in Greece, S.E. Europe and the Middle East.
  • Follow the latest developments presented by world class speakers and experts in innovation, telecommunications, and digital applications in Health.
  • Connect and network with key stakeholders and industry leaders from the West, Greece, the S.E. Europe and the Middle East.
  • Contribute to the conversation and be part of building the strategy and development of policies and regulation of eHealth and mHealth at a national and European level.
  • Learn about methods and sources of financing your projects.
  • Ensure the promotion of your company by presenting products, services, activities, issues connecting its identity with innovative methods and practices.
  • Join matchmaking sessions with companies, organizations, researchers and experts with knowledge on a wide range of subjects concerning eHealth: Innovation in Digital Health, Patient Generated Data, Data Security, Patient Narratives, Integrated Care & Assisted Living, Cross Border Healthcare, Refugees and Cross Border Healthcare, eHealth in the Balkans, eHealth Developments in Greece, eHealth: Tool for Healthcare Governance, Big Data, Behavioural Change and Interoperability.

The Forum brings together

  • Healthcare providers (doctors, healthcare workers, nurses, pharmacists, etc.)
  • Information technology professionals
  • Researchers, academics, industry and investment stakeholders in digital health and health
  • Patients Advocacy Groups
  • Businesses and business executives
  • Executives in the public sector (Ministries, directors of hospitals and health services, organizations)
  • Local government (Municipalities, cities, boroughs)
  • Health economists
  • Politicians
  • Press/Media
  • Investment Funds
  • Start-ups

Sponsorship Opportunities

Benefits Platinum Gold Silver Supporter
Organise panel discussion (90′) *
Speaker slot (10’) *
Participation in Panel Discussion *
Exhibition Booth 10 sq. meters 8 sq. meters 6 sq. meters
Complimentary registrations 25 20 10 5
Full Page Advertisement on Programme back cover# inside cover# inside page inside page
Logo on Event Website * * * *
Logo on Electronic Event Newsletters *
Logo on Registration Area banner * * * *
Logo on Event Hall Banners * * * *
Logo on Exhibition Banners & Signage * * * *
Logo on Event Programme * * * *
Logo on Promo Video *

OR customise your Sponsor presence by picking other elements shown below

*or two-page spread
#Advertisement placement will be determined strictly on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis.

VAT is not included

Customize your participation

  • 10’ Speaking Slot
  • Organise your own Panel Discussion (90’)
  • Participation in a Panel Discussion
  • Startup Innovation Sponsor
  • Parallel Entertainment Track Sponsor
  • Exhibition Floor Space (minimum 6m2)
  • Exhibition Wall Space
  • Matchmaking Area Sponsor
  • Private Matchmaking Room (minimum 6m2)
  • Welcome Reception Sponsor
  • Networking Dinner Sponsor
  • Lunch Sponsor (per meal)
  • Coffee Break Sponsor (per break)
  • Conference Bag Material (not exceeding A4 size, 250gr, 1000 units)
  • e-Survey Sponsor
  • Live Streaming Sponsor OR Video Webcasting Sponsor
  • Event Programme Advertisement (Full Page)
  • 2 Page Spread

*Back Cover & Inside Covers are reserved for Premium, Gold and Silver Sponsors

VAT is not included.

Country pavilion

Country/Delegation Pavilion Benefits BASIC ADVANCED
Exhibition Booth*
Conference Tickets for Delegation – Members including the 17th International HL7 Interoperability Conference – IHIC 2017 5 20
Delegation Speakers’ Session within the main eHealth Forum Conference on a Country Level (90’) *
Speaker Participation on the Conference – Programme for one country State Representative (Minister, Gen. Secr. MoH, etc.) * *
Full Page Advertisement on Conf. Programme inside page inside page
Delegation Logos on Exhibition Catalogue * *
Delegation Logos on Event Website * *
Country Startup Participation in Startup Innovation Show 2 4
Complimentary Tables in Pavilion 1 2
Participation in Matchmaking * *
Delegate List * *
OR ask us for custom options

*Exhibition booths will be open to the Conference Attendees but also the Public

** VAT where applicable is not included

Need help with your sponsorship?

Call Venetia Kyritsi on +30 210 6231305 ext.215 or email [email protected]