Technopolis City of Athens

Startup Garden:
best of digital health startups

OCTOBER 19-24, 2017

Startup Garden (20-22/10)

The STARTUP GARDEN brings together the best digital health startups, spin-offs and entrepreneurs with investors, accelerators, incubators and big corporations from the digital and non-digital world and for the first time introduces them all to the end user: the public.

Health IT Startups & Spin-Offs display their latest devices and services. Tech startups already impact the way we manage our life and are projected to greatly impact how we will manage our health and wellbeing daily.

> Connect with our community of international tech startup ecosystems. Meet developers and startups who are creating innovative business models and solutions.

> Get hands-on learning to encourage entrepreneurs to come together, share ideas and launch new startups that will benefit you.

> We want to create lasting connections for startups, investors and corporations to create a vibrant and sustainable eHealth ecosystem in the city of Athens.

We invite you to the Machine-Works Building, at Technopolis to visit the STARTUP GARDEN and experience how digital health technology changes your life!
Entrance is free to the public

Speakers’ corner

Will include a series of Digital Health, IoT and Smart City presentations from renowned speakers, accessible to the public.

Innovation session

All participating Startups will have the chance to pitch their venture to an international audience, within the main conference.

eHealthHUB lean startup academy

The eHealth Hub, a new EU-funded initiative, cross-border and exclusively focused on the digital health vertical is coming to Athens, participating at the eHealth Forum Conference and Exhibition, to do a workshop to 10 eHealth Startups of the region. The workshop will focus on commercialisation and legal & regulatory, and it will take place on Thursday, 19/10 and Friday 20/10.

The commercialization of any eHealth solution is a complex task. Selling into healthcare organizations such as hospitals or insurers is challenging since solutions always need to perfectly fit their workflow and very specific requirements. Furthermore, it is also a highly regulated industry with heterogeneous stakeholders not to mention the large number of security and privacy concerns that need to be addressed.

At the same time, as many eHealth related cross-border activities increase at the European level, there is a need for appropriate legal and regulatory frameworks to be able to ensure a startups’ promotion in the European Union, as well as appropriate legal and regulatory efforts, together with suitable reimbursement strategies.

To respond to these challenges, the eHealth Hub workshop will help startups in scouting, filtering for fit and connecting with the most relevant solutions on the European market for their very specific requirements, while offering them the necessary regulatory guidance for the European Single Market.

The Startups
We Design Behaviors
Behavioral Signals models behaviors in conversations using machine learning and big data driving efficiency, reputation and revenues for our clients
Behavioral Signals
Raise awareness, educate & motivate citizens and enterprises to become the change we need to see in the national blood donation system. Our platform connects people in need with an online community of blood donors in real time. Our goal is to raise the proportion of blood donors in our country. We approach young people and students in order to create a stream of self-aware newcomers to the system. We partner with corporations in creating innovative CSR programs in order to ensure our sustainability. We also design our own educational programs and board games for children.
Healthcare on demand in your home.
Intelligent interpretation and fusion of lifestyle and wearable sensor information to improve care efficiency, clinical decision making and accessibility to people under care or living alone.
Docandu aims to be a key tech health service provider, starting from Greece, improving the existing national and private healthcare services
status quo. We are focusing on two main aspects: the doctor-patient interaction (i.e. the “access” part of healthcare) and the need for a digital, holistic medical record system across patients, doctors and medical examination centres. Therefore, using cutting-edge tech (cloud and mobile frameworks, Artificial
Intelligence tools etc.) we are simplifying the way that patients interact with doctors, get instant answers and specialist support as well as store, access and share their medical records.
– Digital health report system integrating with medical examination centres
– Secure online medical record identity
– Real-time call/video doctor consultation within minutes
– Artificial Intelligence symptom checker
Transforming the avalanche of genomic complexity into insightful, high-throughput, systemic, information streams.
HealthyClub was built by an expert team of primary healthcare professionals, software architects and semantic engineers, with the goal to promote behavioral-based weight management programs, that have proven1 to be the most effective, but they are expensive and often inaccessible. The intelligent machine learning algorithm enables clients to control their weight effectively through interactive games, weekly meal plans according to their needs and grocery lists with the foods that they should be buying, preventing them of uncontrolled bulimic tendencies. HealthyClub is composed of intelligent data handling models and a Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) instrument that enables patients to easily pursue a lifestyle that meets their needs, while playing their favorite games.
HybridStat is a data analytics company with expertise in bioinformatics and the analysis of high-throughput genomics data. Our mission is to support life-scientists to answer medical or biological questions. Geniasis is our DNA data analytics solution, a cloud-based medical decision support system which offers simplified, affordable and high-quality DNA data reporting that improves clinical interpretations.
We have developed a mobile app that informs consumers on the potential hazards of chemical ingredients in food and cosmetics products, simply by taking a picture of the ingredients label.
Sentio Solutions is developing Artificial Emotional Intelligence to change the way we manage mental and emotional health. Feel, company’s first product is an emotion sensing wristband and app that coaches people suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression to achieve greater emotional well-being! It consists of 3 parts: Proprietary algorithms, the Wristband, and the Mobile Application. The Wristband has multiple integrated bio-sensors that monitor a variety of physiological signals throughout the day, while in the background, Proprietary Algorithms can recognize the wearer’s emotions. The mobile application receives the data from the wristband and tracks the emotions of the user, providing personalized recommendations and real-time coaching based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The company has HQ in San Francisco, CA, manufacturing in China, and R&D in Athens, Greece. *Feel: World’s first Emotion Sensor & Mental Health Advisor*. An emotion sensing wristband and app that coaches people suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression to improve their mental health.
Sentio Solutions
Robots in assisted living environments: Unobtrusive, efficient, reliable and modular solutions for independent ageing.
YGEIAN is a new medical site. It’s the new era of medicine for Doctors, Patients, Pharmaceutical Companies and everyone who is involved in Medical services. YGEIAN provides a full medical profile for patients and doctors, services like “Find A Doctor”, “ Call A Doctor” and many more. Sign Up today, get the premium account for the first 6 months and explore YGEIAN for free.